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Your Manuals and CD’S/Flash Drives are translated into English and the live lessons are pre-recorded. They are brilliant replicas of the classes, so that you can practice at home, office, vehicle, plane or on your phone.


You have the foreign language: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, or Xhosa…etc translated into English in the Manuals and on the Cd’s, as well as the teacher speaking or explaining in English, where necessary on the CD’s/MP3’s.

2021 Jan/Feb Special 

2 language courses for the price of 1


We recommend if possible that you do a few private lessons per level to get you orientated. Refer private lesson fees = from R180.00 per hour (excl vat) depending on the course.

This is one of the the fastest and most cost effective way of learning a language in the world today. The Cape Town International School of Languages (CTISOL) has some of the finest home study courses in the world today that are internationally and locally acclaimed. (Refer references.)

These Courses originated from the live lessons that the author B.M. Norbury (International Linguist in 10 languages) has given to his students over the last 40 years, in addition to the many language courses that he has specially designed (in collaboration with international mother tongue teachers and translators from all over the world), for Companies, Factories, as well as for Tourism, Cruise Ships, Hotel and Hospitality Industry.

Having travelled the world and collated vital information both textually and in pictures, the Courses cover subjects such as business, entertainment, travel, advertising, restaurants, hotels, food, shopping, plus the key (Basic to Advanced) structures in all the languages so that you can apply the languages to any situation in the present, past and future etc.

The courses are the most user friendly Courses available because they are Bilingual Courses that are translated into English e.g. the French Course like all the other courses can be used for an English speaking person learning French as well as for a French speaking person learning English.

The courses are programmed so that you learn line upon line, precept upon precept, unlike a number of courses on the market that can often be just a jumble of sentences strung together.

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How many people can say they have learnt to speak a Basic language in 15 Hours of live lessons?

LANGUAGE TRAINING THAT REALLY WORKS: This applies to both a combination of Live lessons and practicing the pre-recorded lessons.

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