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Cape Town International School of Languages (CTISOL) performs simultaneous interpreting for Conferences, Film Shoots, Workshops, Conventions, Tours, Seminars & Other Type of Groups.

Simultaneous interpreting is extremely demanding. An interpreter must listen, understand and process content as any listener might, in addition to recreating the content in another language and delivering it in such a way that the listener can understand and absorb it.

Our interpreters interpret spoken words from the source language into a target language while the speaker is speaking so that all those attending the event are able to hear the interpretation in real time.

Equipment is usually needed for this, such as headsets and an interpreting booth.


We provide consecutive interpreting services for small groups, interviews, and one-on-one consultations. The Interpreters interpret spoken messages in segments as they pass back and forth between speakers. For example, speaker 1 completes a segment and the interpreter conveys it to speaker 2 and vice versa.


Interpreting Equipment

We offer simultaneous interpreting equipment with our sister company Infra-Rad (Pty) Ltd. The system offers excellent sound quality and increased mobility for delegates within a conference venue due to its infrared clip-on receivers.



All CTISOL translation and interpreting work follows a strict set of rules to ensure that our clients receive an industry-leading end product. We ensure that your documents are treated with strict confidentiality.


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