“Brian is a master teacher and the courses and recordings are brilliant, especially for practical conversation, and it’s great fun. Currently learning to speak Spanish and German with my wife and progressing at a tremendous rate; already reaching Intermediate/ Advanced level”

Dugald Macdonald
(Former Springbok and Western Province Rugby player 1974 and current President of UCT Rugby Club)

I was interested in learning German and discovered this school whilst searching the web. The school not only had the best prices but had exactly what I was looking for-A Hotel Course. My first interaction at the school was with Peter, he is one of the most professional, efficient and helpful person I have ever dealt with. He advised me on everything that I required and was very accommodating. When I found that this school offered everything I required I booked my lessons. I was set to do 24 hours private lessons in German.

I work overseas as a dancer & fitness instructor in a predominantly German hotel. I had picked up basic German whilst working for 10 and a half months in both Turkey and Egypt. Now reaching the end of my course I am pleased at all I have achieved. I have managed to complete the beginner, lower intermediate, intermediate and part of the hotel course in my 24 hours. I can now continue my studying on my own with the books and CDs provided. I have just the advanced and part of the hotel course to finish on my own.

Because I took an interest in the language and studied with my books and CDs regularly it was easy to learn the language. The course is not only well structured but also so much fun. Mr. Norbury as a way of making you laugh which makes the lessons feel relaxed and informal-which is less intimidating and more productive.

I have always wanted to learn French just because I like the way the language sounds. And I can definitely say that I will be back to do so at this school.

Kelly Chandrapaul

My confidence picked up after page 2 as the course is presented in a way that you cannot fail. It is structured in a very simple way which facilitates the learning process. If I could learn German from studying at home with the books and cd’s anybody can. 

I am now opening my books with a positive attitude where I was very apprehensive before starting. I’m 45 years old; having to start learning a new language was beyond scary. Brian’s school made it possible for me to acquire a new language which is knowledge and I will have that for the rest of my life. I did the Beginners Course, Lower Intermediate and Intermediate and now I am starting the Advanced Courses.

Thank you again Brian and Jackie.

Elrine Kurowski

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