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We cover the whole of South Africa, beyond our borders and internationally.  Our Transcribing Services rates are amongst the best you will find in South Africa!

You can send your audios or videos via the internet, using our “dropbox” link on our Website

Transcription Rates

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*Turnaround Times based on the number of hours please indicate the duration of audio when requesting the quote.

Why use our transcription services?

Our transcription services are treated with the strictest of confidentiality.

All our transcribers sign non-disclosure confidentiality agreements with us.

Fast Turnaround Times.

Excellent Quality.

Very Competitive Rates.


Audio transcription Service

Audio transcription Service is the process of converting audio recorded speech or files into a written or electronic to text format/ document. We cover legal firms, courts, media, academic institutions, businesses and other public relations companies and other industries that use audio transcription. We provide verbatim Audio transcription, in which only the actual message being conveyed in the audio is transcribed, without extras like coughing, laughing or other random noises that appear on the audio file but are not relevant for the transcription.

Telephone call or Social Media Voice Messages

Telephone call or Social Media Voice Messages (Facebook / Whatsapp, Twitter, ect.) transcriptions are dictated using a phone call recording. We cover all professional areas including medical professionals, call centres, legal cases and many more in providing quick and accurate Telephone call or Social Media Messages transcription services.

Video transcription

Video transcription is the process of putting content from film and videos into text format. We offer quality video transcription services at competitive rates. We provide services adding captioning, subtitles, closed captions and time coding.

Voice over recordings

Voice over recordings is the process of recording the text content into a film or videos format. We offer quality voice over recording services at competitive rates..

We are specialists in the following languages: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Zulu, Mandarin, Arabic etc. At a very competitive rate.


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