Do you require the services of our certified/sworn translators? 

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Do you require the services of our certified translators or if you need a legal document translated for use in court or for other legal purposes. The Department of Home Affairs requires sworn translations. A sworn translator (sworn in by the High Court of South Africa) must bear the stamp and signature of the translator.

We have world class translators from all over the world doing the work at break neck speed and the highest international quality


Examples of Documents that may need sworn translation:

Contracts, Passports, Licenses, Police clearance certificates, Affidavits, Medical records and Insurance policies

  • Business, Legal, Medical, Technical, Scientific, etc
  • Audio/Video, Voiceover – Transcribing, Dubbing, Proof Reading, Copyrighting.
  • Over 20 Languages: German, French, Italian, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Spanish, Xhosa, Zulu, Chinese/Mandarin, Japanese, etc.
  • Proofread, Spell-checked and Edited.
  • Conferences, Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpreting, Multiple Language Conferences, Tour Guiding.
  • Web Site Translations.
  • Quick Service, Best Rates, Top Quality, Confidentiality.
  • Over 100 International Translators and Interpreters, High Volume Capacity for over 2500 Companies worldwide.

  • Standard translations from R0.90 cents – R 3.80 per word depending on the degree of difficulty. Minimum charge R 350.00. Students at our school get a special price per page from R120 TO R 180 .
  • Proof Reading from R0.70 – R3.20 cents per word or minimum charge of R450.00 per page depending on the genre/langauge.
  • Legal/technical translations etc from R1.50 – R3.80 per word or minimum rate of R450 per page depending on genre/langauge.
  • SWORN TRANSLATIONS: R2.90 – R5.80 per word minimum rate from R 450.00 per page depending on the language
  • % Discounts for documents over 10 000 words.
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  • Office: +27 21 674 4117 or +27 21 671 0855
  • Nationally: 0860 104 562
  • After 5 pm: +27 21 785 2835 or +27 79 324 5764

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